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طمي / SILT – Alsarah
طمي / SILT

طمي / SILT

  • Release Date: February 12, 2014

Album Description

Featured Musicians: Alsarah (Lead Vocals) – Haig Manoukian (Oud) – Rami El Aasser (Percussion, b.vox) – Mawuena Kodjovi (Bass, b.vox) – Karine Fleurima (Keys, b.vox)
Special Guests: The Sounds of Taraab (Wad Alnuba)

Released in March 2014 on Wonderwheel Recordings, Silt or طمي , is the debut album from the Brooklyn based project Alsarah & the Nubatones led by the Sudanese born singer, Alsarah. Dubbing their sound “East-African Retro-Pop” the album has it’s musical roots in the Nubian “Songs of Return” that began to spring up after mass displacement and resettlement of hundreds of thousands in a region of lower Nubia that went under water after Egypt built Aswan High Dam to control the flooding of the Nile in 1960s. The focus of these songs, both thematically and lyrically is about a return to home and the beauty of home and embodies a certain kind of saudade – a nostalgic longing for a place that no longer exists.

Silt is the mud washed up when the river floods. It is the most fertile of ground and the foundation from which the Nubatones intend to stand and bring you their sounds. It’s music that harkens back to the hazy sounds of 1960s and 70s East-Africa. Combining modern interpretations of traditional sounds from Sudan, as well as original compositions written by Alsarah and arranged collectively, and even touching on Zanzibar in their cover of “Wad Alnuba”, originally “Chozi Lanitoka” by Sharmila and the Black Star Orchestra, re-written here in Arabic and featuring the NY based band The Sounds of Taraab. With elegant grooves and soaring melodies, this album is a first step in creating a unique sound.


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