Addis Rumble shows me some love

So a few months back, Andreas contacts me from the blog Addis Rumble to ask me some questions about my friend Kombo from AfroSimba and our experience in Somalia together. After, he requests an interview with me and asked some questions, so I gave him some answers, and then voila he puts together this wonderful little piece. I’ve been dubbed ‘the new princess of Nubian Pop’ people so if I start acting crazy when you see me on the street its probably my royal disposition feeling disgruntled because I slept on a pea ;)

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Sat 9/21/13 – because MAHICANITUCK never stands still!

Hello friends,

Its been a while since I’ve reached out to you guys, and for that I apologize, but it’s because I’ve have been busy this summer creating a stash of goodies for the winter (more to come on that soon). In the meantime some new, and already good, friends of mine have reached out to me about bringing the Nubatones up to Mahicanituck, aka Croton on the Hudson river, this Saturday 9/21 to celebrate the Fall equinox. There will be food, there will be music and there will be log cabins!! (yeah the city girl in me got all excited about the log cabin part i’m not going to lie). This is a full weekend gathering for family and friends. You can purchase tickets for the full weekend which includes food and lodging, or you can purchase single day tickets, or you can just come for the afternoon. Its only a 45min train ride on the MetroNorth or you can drive up there. In all cases come ready to have a beautiful time, breathe some fresh air and roll around in the grass with your kids.

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ps. Mahicanituck is the original name for the Hudson river given to it by the people of the first nation. It means water that never stands still.



June 6, 2013: Nairobi Live @ Tree House – Kenya


Omg omg omg, nairobi why are you so damn sexy? Yesterday at Blankets & Wine it was like the who’s who in the Nairobi fashionista world, being serenaded by the some of Africa’s finest talents (Dela killed it on stage with her energy and her dancers, a must see if you are ever near her). So many beautiful people, and so much fun in the sun.

If you missed the show, then don’t be sad, in fact be glad! You can come check out my show this Thursday, June 6th for a very special installment of the series “Nairobi Live” at Tree House dubbed Afro-Asia night. I will be performing along side Jahm (synergy productions) and my friend Kombo of AfroSimba band. Its going to be intimate, sexy, sweaty, and best of all, FREE so come out come out.


June 2, 2013: Blankets and Wine XLIV

Greetings from the beautiful city that is Nairobi. Over the past few months my travels have taken me around east-africa working on many exciting projects, from Mogadishu to Juba, and I have been lucky enough to have met some really wonderful musicians as a result. Among these friends are AfroSimba, and Jamir Adiong of SMP Kenya. We connected, laughed and made music together. AfroSimba even made a home for me in their band while I lamented missing my own bandmates, the Nubatones, back in NYC. And so now, we are going to present the music of the Nubatones on a Nairobi stage for the first time ever at the 44th edition of Blankets and Wine, along side Zahara (South Africa), Dela (Kenya), and Prisca Ojwang (Kenya).

Make sure you come to the show if you are in Nairobi, or tell a friend if you are not, and keep an eye out for other secret shows that just might pop up in the next few weeks.

What: Blankets and Wine XLIV
When: Sunday, June 2, 2013
Where: Carnivore Gardens
                Nairobi, Kenya


that time in Aswan…

I don’t know if you guys remember or not but this past January, 2013, I along with 18 other musicians from different countries along the Nile basin joined in a wonderful new project called The Nile Project aimed at redefining our understanding of the Nile river and its culture. Needless to say it was a truly inspiring experience. We gathered, we learned, we were forever changed.

Below is a recording from our first live concert in Aswan, Egypt. Please enjoy it, then support the continuation of this project by buying the album



RIP Bi Kidude

Yesterday, Zanzibari singer Bi Kidude died at the age of 102. A truly untameable spirit, she was a true inspiration for me as an artist, as a woman, and as a human. Amongst the first women to sing publicly in Zanzibar, she lived her life as an independent musician at a time when not even many men would dare. She ran away from home at the age of 10 and lived a life on her own terms ever since.

Musically she is perhaps best known for her work in the ceremonial women’s music of Unyago, but she crossed over from traditional women’s music to the boys club of classical Taraab music and back again demanding respect from both old and young alike based on the power of her talents and force of spirit. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about her life, I just wanted to share a little bit of her sound with you all so we can take a moment and remember the spirit of a great artist.

You can read more about her life here, and if you find you want more here is a lovely playlist i found on youtube of some of her songs.

(don’t miss what she has to say about the role of the singer in taraab music at 3:32 marker)

Sat 3/16: Ushering in the Spring

I don’t know about you guys but for me, March marks the arrival of spring regardless of the actual temperature outside. So we are all coming out of february’s hibernation and gallivanting around the city once more ready to dip our feet into the musical springs of the east river and run across the bumpy hills of central park…right on up to the Apollo Music Cafe as a matter of fact. The Nubatones will be sharing the stage with Sofia Rei on Saturday March 16th. Doors open at 9pm and show starts at 10pm (we are on first)

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12/08: Barbes…

No matter where we go to play, whenever we come home we love to be at our favorite little venue, Barbés. Join us in person or (tune in if you can’t) on December 8th for a two part night at Barbés’ annual WFMU‘s live broadcast from 6-9pm as we do a few songs. After that we shall be doing a full set 10-11:30pm so hang out and usher in the holidays with us.

Over the big pond, then take a right…

Greetings from the road my lovelies…As much fun as a girl can have in the studio you still need to dip out once in a while and check out the scenery. So I decided to take a little jaunt over the big pond then take a right and land myself in the beautiful Malaysia. I will be performing with some other artists at the 5th Marketplace of Creative Arts in Johor Bahru in conjunction with the World Islamic Economic Forum Dec 5-6. So if you are in the area come say hi to my friend Brahim Frigbane and myself as we do a few tunes.

That was fun! Now back to the studio

Mass MoCA was such a blast, and we really want to thank their team for hosting us and showing us such a good time. And now we go back to the studio to finish the Nubatones debut album. Our goal is to have this album ready and in your hands by the end of next Feb. But you know us independent musicians must do it slow and steady otherwise we don’t even make it to the end of the race.

So in the meanwhile keep checking in on us, keep supporting our music by coming to our shows, telling your friends about us and  buying our ep so we can make it through the next steps of the album making process. Thanks for all your support so far and see you at our next show!

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