New Release: One Bead by The Epichorus

Late last spring I was contacted by musician and rabbi, Zach Fredman, regarding a project he was working on inspired by his studies of the Oud and Judaic spiritual scriptures. He had written a collection of songs based on text from the book ‘the song of songs’ and his musings on north and east african music and wanted me to join his band, The Epichorus. We met up for coffee to speak about the project more and what was supposed to be a 20 minute meeting about details turned into a 2.5 hour conversation covering everything from the intersection of music and spirituality to the social and religious ramifications of guilt on humanity. It was an artist to artist connection from first meeting.

Needless to say I joined his band of heretics and began showing up for rehearsals and jam sessions fueled by coffee and homemade rhubarb pie. Today, the result of those sessions is realized with the digital release of One Bead. Enjoy.