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Announcing: “Silt Remixed” – OUT 10/21/2014

Cover Design: Maryam Parwana

We are so excited to announce to you the upcoming release of Silt Remixed out on Oct 21, 2014 via Wonderwheel Recordings. This is a truly global interpretation of our debut album, Silt featuring “…Argentinian laptop mystic Chancha Via Circuito [who] brings “Fugu” into the rainforest with his deep and folkloric take on the tune, while Captain Planet brings “Wad Alnuba” into deep, late night slo-mo Disco Dabke territory. Africa is represented on “Silt Remixed” by both Central African Republic’s Boddhi Satva and Cape Verdean/Angolan producer DJeff, who both properly represent the wildly popular Deep House scene in the motherland with their refixes. Sorceress producer Issac Aesilli takes “Bilal Al Dahab” into melancholy, abstract electronic territory while KCRW DJ and LA fixture Jeremy Sole gives a tasteful, classy beat driven remix of “Habibi Taal” with help from Clap! Clap! and Beats Antique. Lastly, Wonderwheel label boss Nickodemus turns “Rennat” into a hypnotic, driving four to the floor filler, while labelmate The Spy From Cairo goes straight for the jugular with his dubby dancehall version of “Nouba Noutou”

I hope you enjoy this remix of “Wad Alnuba” ft. The Sounds of Taraab by LA based producer Captain Planet which premiered today on IMPOSE 

SILT Listed in NPR’s top 5 ‘International Music You Must Hear’

photo: Jennifer Pritheeva Samuel

“…she’s released her debut album, Silt, and it’s got all the deep rhythms, fluttering vocals and serious grooves we were hoping for.” 

Anastasia Tsioulcas, NPR

I am so happy that Anastasia Tsioulcas over at NPR has selected our album Silt as one of the top 5 ‘must hear international music’ on her Latitudes blog series.

VIDEO: Soukura – Official Music Video (Premiers on SPIN)

Thanks to the incredibly talented Maryam Parwana, who directed and edited this, we were able to release an official music video for our single “Soukura (it’s late)” last week on SPIN.

“Aljwal” selected in top ten world music albums of 2013 by NPR

Thank you so much to Anastasia Tsioulcas over at NPR for the top ten shout out!

shhh no wandering now…the quietus likes us!

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Please check out this amazing review by Tristan Bath of The Quietus of my project with Débruit, Aljwal.


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NPR gives The Nile Project some love

Did you hear the news? NPR has named “Aswan” amongst the top 5 world music albums. Check out the story here!

Addis Rumble shows me some love

So a few months back, Andreas contacts me from the blog Addis Rumble to ask me some questions about my friend Kombo from AfroSimba and our experience in Somalia together. After, he requests an interview with me and asked some questions, so I gave him some answers, and then voila he puts together this wonderful little piece. I’ve been dubbed ‘the new princess of Nubian Pop’ people so if I start acting crazy when you see me on the street its probably my royal disposition feeling disgruntled because I slept on a pea 😉

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Voice of America Radio

Source: Alsarah speaks with Muneza M’vunganyi and Upfront Africa of Voice of America Radio on Sudan, and Music

Upfront with Alsarah

Sudanese singer Alsarah wears many hats– songwriter,ethnomusicologist,activist and all round world citizen. She started her musical training at the age of 12 in Khartoum.She says that her sound is influenced by her life in Sudan,Yemen and the US where she moved as a teenager in the 90’s.
Alsarah speaks passionately about the situation in Sudan ahead of a historical referendum that could separate the north from the south. “We are going to lose of big part of our people and culture” She says. Currently resident in Manhattan,Alsarah performs to audiences from around the world. Her performances are eclectic, electrifying, eccentric–a combination of genres–hip hop,African soul and gnawa dropping coy manifestos and clever metaphors about socio-political issues like elections,human rights etc. A few weeks ago she joined activists at the UN headquarters to bring attention to Sudan. I reached her in New York — a melting pot of cultures–where her unique sense of self has shaped her world view and in essence her music.

Sudan 365

Source: Alsarah featured in the Sudan 365 project

Alsarah and a song for Sudan

Alsarah, a Sudanese born singer, songwriter and ethnomusicologist, reworked a song about voting in Sudan, and has given us an interview on the motivation for this interpretation.

Born in the capital city of Khartoum where she spent the first 8 years of her life, Alsarah relocated to Taez, Yemen with her family and then abruptly moved to the US in 1994 when a brief civil war broke out in Yemen. Now residing in Brooklyn, NY, she performs music from different parts of the Middle East, and East Africa. Heavily influenced by different styles of music from her native home to her adopted one she is putting together an album of original material to be released later this year. Find out more at Photo credit: . The song was written in 1985 by a collective of artists named the Democratic Creators Alliance. Alsarah co-produced the remix for this song with Oddisee.