12/17 – 18 The Welcome Party: BK – DC


It seems there is a whole lot of un-welcoming happening in the world right now. What with all the recent events world wide it seems more important than ever to remember the human and cultural wealth brought and exchanged by migrations and movements (that would be where we come in). So we are having a little Welcome Party on Dec 17 in Brooklyn,NY and Dec 18 in Washington DC to celebrate our return home after a long time away, share new songs and stories from our travels and movements and generally have a grand old time!

So come out, bring your friends lets sing, dance, and celebrate the end of another terrifying year on earth. We made it out alive. That’s pretty cool, and apparently not the norm either. Surely that’s worth a good drink.

The Welcome Party Alsarah & the Nubatones w/ DJ USHKA @ C’mon Everybody, BK

The Welcome Party @ Tropicalia, D.C

IN TRANSIT w/ Makimakkuk and DJ Missy Ness


On Nov 21, 2015 we are giving a very special free concert and film screening of the award winning documentary Beats of the Antonov, in honor of all our brothers and sisters IN TRANSIT all over Europe and around the world. The evening will feature performances by Alsarah & the Nubatones, Makimakukk, and DJ Missy Ness.


OCT 16-18: Alsarah & the Nubatones LA Debut!


We are so excited to be making our LA debut next month on Sat, Oct 17, @ 8:30pm at The Virgil. East-African Retro-Pop is making its way toward the sunshine good people, and we are inviting you all along! Tickets will be sold at the door for the friendly price of $10. So mark your calendars, tell a friend and come ready to have a good time!

We will also be performing the night before, Friday Oct 16 at UCSB, just a few hours away in Santa Barbra, CA. As well as an intimate performance at The Byrd Series on Sunday the 18th. This monthly sunday series is curated by Aaron Byrd (KCRW). UPDATE: This event is closed to the public. Please join us at the Virgil on the 17th for our LA public event

10/16/2015: Alsarah & the Nubatones LIVE @ UCSB

10/17/2015: Alsarah & the Nubatones LIVE @ The Virgil

10/18/2015:  The Byrd Series (Private Event)

The Great Autumn


This Summer was epic! We had such an amazing time traveling around Europe and East-Africa. So many inspiring (and strange, see above) sights and sounds everywhere. We lived together, made music together, and even managed to not kill each other. We also had the dynamic Nahid Elgadi join us on stage for a whole month!

But there is no place like home! And so we are back to the US with some exciting new shows in North Carolina, NYC, and LA (full list of shows below).

And that’s not all! We are so excited and honored to announce our debut album “SILT” has been nominated by the All Africa Music Awards in the categories of “best album of the year”, and  “best female vocalist in east-africa”. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO WIN! VOTE FOR US!




9/11 – UNC Asheville, NC

9/27- UN Champion of the Earth Awards Ceremony, NY

10/16 – UCSB, CA

10/17 – The Virgil, Los Angeles CA

10/18- The Byrd Series

10/29- New Morning, Paris FR

The Nubatones Go On Tour: Summer 2015

We have decided nothing brings a band together quite like a summer trip around the world. So we packed up our bags and got on a plane to start a long summer trip taking us from Morocco to Lithuania, Kenya to Hungary with a long creative sabbatical in Cairo in between all our show dates. We will live together, eat together, try not to kill each other, and make music together all summer long. Needless to say we can’t wait!!!!!!!


5/23 > Festival Arabesques , FRANCE

5/29 > La Nouvelle Vague de Saint Malo , FR

5/30 > Les Orientales Festival  , FR

5/31 > Les 3 elephants Festival  , FR


6/4 > Alsarah & the Nubatones @ Alrab3 , EGYPT

6/10 > Oufuqy Music Festival, EGYPT

6/15 > Alsarah & the Nubatones LIVE in Dubai, UAE

6/20 > Lisboa Mistura , PORTUGAL


7/13 > Le 6B , FR

7/17 > Festival Musiques d’ici et d’Ailleurs , FR

7/22 – 23 > Lithuania 

7/25 > Clandestino Botnik Festival  , SWEDEN

7/26 > Sommarscen Malmo , SWEDEN

7/30 > Aux Heures d’Ete  , FR


8/2 > Alsarah & the Nubatones LIVE in Nairobi, Kenya

8/8 > Ozora Festival, Hungary 

We have more shows coming up all over the place this summer so keep an eye out on our events Calendar for more info.










Dec 19: TamarRaqs Winter Solstice Hafla

Part of BAMcafé Live
Fri, Dec 19, 2014 – 9pm
Peter Jay Sharp Building, BAMcafé
Brooklyn, NY
Celebrate the longest night of the year with an exuberant evening of North African music and dance hosted by belly dancer extraordinaire TamarRaqs. Showcasing some of the premier practitioners of raqs sharqi (belly dancing) in the city, this winter hafla (Arabic for “party”) is a high-spirited evening of Middle Eastern music, vibrant dance, and uninhibited creative expression.

BAMcafé Live Host: Phillip Andry
BAMcafé Live House DJ: DJ Idlemind “The Appropriate Agent”

Special guests:
Renowned world fusion artist, choreographer and master teacher Dalia Carella
with/ Alsarah feat The Fairouz Tribute Ensemble:
Bridget Robins – Nai
Brian Prunka – Oud
Marandi Hostetter – Violin
Marissa Arciola – Bass
Shelley Thomas – Voice
Rami El Aasser – Percussion

Jan 9: OKAY EAST AFRICA w/ Hailu Mergia & Low Mentality – Alsarah & the Nubatones – The Happy Show (DJ)

Okayafrica and Multiflora Present: OKAY EAST AFRICA w/ Hailu Mergia and Low Mentality, Alsarah & the Nubatones, The Happy Show (DJ)

Friday Jan 9, 2015
9:30 PM
21 and over
$12 – $15

“Beats of the Antonov” TIFF ’14 People’s Choice Award Winner


Last year I took a trip to the refugee camps in Maban, South Sudan to work alongside sudanese filmmaker and Refugee Club founder, Hajooj Kuka. He was working on a documentary about the war in the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains of Sudan. He had initially thought the project would merely be about the desperate state of the refugees and the situation in the camps. However when he arrived he quickly discovered a 3 dimensional person instead of the stereotypical ‘victim’ he expected to find. He found a people determined to not merely survive but to live fully and protect their culture fiercely. He found music, rich complex and innovative. After his first trip we met up in Cairo and I saw some of the footage and decided to go back out there with him to get a closer look at the music and its role in this story of displacement.
Along with finding answers about the Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountains refugees, we found questions to be asked of all the Sudans, both north and south. What does it mean to be Sudanese? Why have we been in back to back civil wars since our independence? What is Sudanese music? who gets to decide all these things?

Beats of the Antonov saw its world premiere at TIFF ’14 and was selected as the winner for the prestigious People’s Choice Award.

Along with the documentary we are also planning on releasing an album of field recordings that I gathered while out there. I am currently also curating an EP of remixes by some of my favorite producers. More info on both will be coming soon, in the meantime enjoy some samples from the field recordings:

Sep 19, 2014: The Return to Little East-Africa w/ special guest Feedel Band – Washington DC

Aug 15, 2014: Debruit & Alsarah LIVE @ the 303 – NYC