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The Secret Music Salon Presents: FAIROUZ – Alsarah
The Secret Music Salon Presents: FAIROUZ

The Secret Music Salon Presents: FAIROUZ

Starts from: November 21, 2013

After last year’s secret music salon, I was so overjoyed with the beauty of the community that showed, and felt that wonderful feeling of connections building. That feeling is exactly why I became an artist. And so I vowed (to myself) that I will continue this endeavor every year in an attempt to both challenge myself creatively and to help in the feeding of my community artistically.

Fairouz has been a huge influence on my musical upbringing as well as being a part of everyone’s sonic memory and life’s soundtrack in the middle-east and north-africa whether directly or indirectly. She is the most recorded arabic female singer of all time after all. However, whenever I have attended tribute shows here in the US (because that’s where I usually see them) the conversation usually revolves around the creative prowess of the Rahbanni Brothers, and later on her son as well, who wrote the majority of her music. All very good I say, they are creative masterminds. But this year, on the eve of Fairouz’s actual birthday, I would like to celebrate the power of the woman in front of the music. Because as brilliant as the Rahbannis were/are as a family, their music would’ve never reached any of us if not carried on the vocal waves of one of the most versatile and influential arabic singers of all time.

Say What! Yes indeed, it is what you are thinking, a tribute band!!! So my dear friends I would be honored if you can join me yet again for another secret music salon (except not so secret anymore) featuring music by: Omnia Hegazy, DJ Ushka, and the Fairouz Tribute Band (yeah we just made up that name). The Tribute band is basically comprised of the Nubatones (Haig, Rami and myself) + Marandi Hostetter on violin, Bridget Robins on Nai, Marissa Arciola on Bass, David Buchbut on percussion, and Shelley Thomas on additional vocals.

Where is all this goodness happening you ask me? Well, this year we are moving to a new location (goodbye secret loft) the beautiful Freebrook Mansion located in the heart of Bedstuy. This historic building is a community space located at 375 Stuyvesant Ave, Brooklyn NY decked out with spiraling stairs and chandeliers from the 1900s.

When is all this goodness happening? On Fairouz’s birthday of course! Thursday Nov 21, 2013 (no we won’t tell you how old she is).

So tell your friends, and come ready to make new friends. Libations will flow (cash bar on premises), music will lapp against your ears, and dancing will ensue afterwards to the sonic globe trotting of DJ Ushka. We are about to have another old fashioned salon good people!! A community space where we meet, greet, and share in the wealth of beauty that is all around us. Tickets are on sale now for the lovely low price of $10! Or you can buy them at the door for the equally reasonable, if not as low, price of $15.